Sell It By Owner and Save II takes you on a journey into the world of real estate. You will discover an abundance of insightful, practical and do-able information for selling a home without an agent. This book goes beyond the basics in every realm and guides the reader through all the issues of selling by owner, including the paperwork. Written and devised with the express purpose to save the seller thousands of dollars in commission fees Sell It By Owner and Save II explains and illustrates with true to life examples the entire selling process in a language that is comprehensible. The author prepares the seller for an eventual sale, manages to remove the fear of selling by owner, offers encouragement and builds confidence with his win-win commonsense attitude which is clearly evident in his easy to read and unique style of writing. If a second title were possible this book could easily be called, “Everything You Need to Know About Selling Your Home By Owner, But Didn’t Know Who or What to Ask.”  H2 Press


“Very well written, Michael. I was skeptical at first. I felt at that price how could the information be any good. Very glad I read your book. I learned more from your book than any book ever written on the subject of real estate.”
      Alice T., (computer analyist) Newport Beach, CA 


ON A PERSONAL NOTE–from the AUTHOR of Sell It By Owner and Save II…
“My book is a recipe for your success!”  MMK

Why read this book!

The truth is: You need to read everything between the covers of Sell It By Owner and Save II in order to better understand the selling process and the various circumstances surrounding selling by owner you may eventually find yourself involved in.

The truth is: You may not understand what it is you need to know in advance of recognizing your need to know later. The truth is: You should listen to the advice of someone who knows, backed by 42 years of experience, who can help you succeed by giving you the necessary edge – knowledge.

FACT: Selling your home by owner isn’t a game of chance – it’s a science! According to Merriam-Webster science is defined as:

  a) the state of knowing – knowledge as distinguished from not knowing or misunderstanding;
  b) something (as a sport or technique) that may be studied or learned – ‘have it down to a science’.

FACT: Anyone, anywhere, can sell by owner. You don’t need any experience, salesmanship or a real estate license and you don’t need to be an attorney. You must, however, have the ‘know how’!

FACT: Sell It By Owner and Save II is the ultimate gold mine filled with practical tools, tips and techniques, including true scenarios that will give you the advantage you need when you offer your home for sale by owner. Learn everything you need to know to sell your own home, take control of any situation, and save thousands of dollars in commission fees and preserve your equity, now and in the future.

May we suggest one thing! Forget what you think you know. Wipe the slate clean and start over with positive, insightful information written by an expert.


Our Promise to You and Our Guarantee!  

Sell It By Owner and Save II will dramatically increase your knowledge, boost your confidence, explain the entire process and teach you how to avoid costly mistakes! 

Never before has there been a how-to-sell-by-owner full length book (not just a cheesy booklet) as clear, thorough, and concise. This book is unlike anything you’ll ever read.

Sell It By Owner and Save II will prepare you in ways you can’t even imagine.

This book clearly explains how to price your home, negotiate, deal with prospects and assertive agents, arrange a closing without lifting a finger, disclosures, step by step how-to-fill-in-the-blanks in the sales contract, what to do with the good faith deposit, open house, and much, much more, using easy to understand terms and true examples.

Written, without any hype, for the serious minded by owner seller, everything is explained in simple layman’s terms, step by step. Loaded with true case examples and hypothetical situations, in order to walk you through the more difficult issues you may be faced with when selling by owner, the details in Sell It By Owner and Save II are unmatched. Guaranteed!