“I am a business attorney who does commercial transactions for a living and found your book very insightful and helpful.  We sold our house the first day we showed it for more than our asking price.  I was so impressed with the book, that I would be willing to write a testimonial if you think having one from a business attorney who does some real estate work would help.”
Patrick J. Franke
Leary Franke Droppert PLLC   Seattle, WA

Your book is “Neiman Marcus” quality, not a “blue light” special.  I was amazed at how much I learned for having paid so little. I especially enjoyed Section IV on dealing with agents.  Thanks.  Suzanne Wolcott, CO    Attorney

“I have to say, I have had so much benefit from this book. Not only is it easy to read but very practical. We sold our house in less than a month. After our first open house we got a great offer of $212,000. We saved over $12,000 in commission. This really makes our minds at ease during this important time in our lives.”                R. B., Pittsburgh, PA

“I found your information that you offer in your book, CD, and the PDF file was organized, concise and fair.  You show both positives and negatives to the home selling process.  You also have left out the unnecessary filler that I have found with other authors and that is quite refreshing.  The world would certainly benefit from more people who are true professionals …..such as yourself as well as someone who believes in sharing his knowledge and a wealth of information via his experiences.  I commend you and your work. I truly enjoyed reading and listening to your book.  By the time the CD’s had finished, time had flown by, I’ve listened to them repeatedly now…each time picking up a new pieces of info. which makes your product even more valuable.  I’ve told everyone I know about your book and sent out links right and left encouraging others to visit your invaluable site!” Jacquie E. Ball, KS

“I personally sold the house after seven weeks on the market at my listing price and received a full CASH contract ($199,000). And I had a backup offer for full price…(new mortgage).  No commissions… no agents.  I appreciate the valuable info I learned from our one-on-one consultation and your book.  Thanks again!”
Jacquie  E. Ball, Wichita, KS

“I read your book and followed your advice very closely. I got  3 offers in the first 3 days of putting my home on the market. I accepted an offer that gave me my asking price AND met all other conditions. Your book really helped us deal with loopholes like being initially offered a very small amount of earnest money, checking the qualifications of the buyers, etc. My friends and neighbors are amazed, and we have recommended your book to all of them.  Thank you. “
M.R., Arlington Heights, IL

“We sold our home by owner in a very slow real estate market this summer (2018) with the help and advice found in your book. Five other homes in our neighborhood were listed with agents during the same time, and ours is the only home that has sold to date! We negotiated the sale and closed within 30 days of the offer. We highly recommend this book to current and prospective FSBOs.”
A.R.K. Indianapolis, IN

“We opted to sell FSBO even though this was our first house and we had never gone through the selling process before. We put a nicer-than-usual FSBO sign in the yard with an attractive flyer box, as recommended in your book. We received two strong offers the second week and had a signed contract for 98% of our sale price. We saved $10,000 cash over the 7% requested by each agent we interviewed. Your book was an extremely valuable resource and answered all of our questions about the FSBO process. Thank you very much!    
 Anonymous.. Roswell, GA

    “Oh my…your book was a God-send!! My husband and I made the decision to sell our house on Tuesday.  Wednesday I bought paint from the local hardware store and mentioned to the salesmen that we were going to put our house on the market. Wednesday I bought your e-book and read 3/4 of it the same day…later that night I get a knock at the door…it’s a Real Estate Agent…I cut his schpeel short by following your advice of standing firm to the “For Sale By Owner” method…but..wait…he doesn’t want to list my house…he wants to buy my house!!!
      The two points that helped me the very, very most were the chapters about commission and another about fair market value. This guy could have been a total scam artist, but because I had JUST read your book, I knew the guy was for real. So I will be selling my house for exactly the fair market value and with ZERO% commission paid out!!!!!!…and it all happened before I could blink:) 
     So, thank you sooo much for the info…and if you hadn’t offered it as an e-book..I would have never received it in time in the mail.  Thanks a bunch…you helped me save approx. $10,000!!!! “
Jennifer Hampson (age: 27) Monterey County, California

“I did everything you recommended, from getting an appraisal to getting a professional sign.  I got my acceptable offer in three weeks.  I sold my home for $134,000. The appraisal was $135,000. We are building a new home. The profit I made enabled me to put down 20% and avoid PMI (private mortgage insurance).  I would have been out $8,040 dollars had I used a real estate agent.  Your book along with How to Save $1000s on Your Mortgage can really arm consumers to take care of the two biggest financial transaction they will ever have: selling a home and getting a loan for a new one. Once again, I can’t say enough how pleased I am with your book and your website.”     Paul Schultz, Peachtree City, GA

“Just wanted you to know that we successfully sold our home by owner.  Your book gave me the confidence to give it a try and saved us thousands!!! THANK YOU!”  Colleen Kelly , Pittsburgh, PA

“I bought and read your book, listed my house at VegasSalebyOwner.com, rented a sign from them as well, placed ads in newspapers, and have had 16-20 calls.  We accepted an offer yesterday.  This is after having it “FSBO” for less than two weeks!  Contrary to what agents tell you, buyers ARE contacting owners directly.  With our house listed for six months with an agency, we had offers fall apart in escrow. Your book, a personal website, and homes priced correctly without commission inflation, will revolutionize the real estate business.  We have more control and can weed out prospects better than our agent did who did not sell our home in six months. We have more control and can weed out prospects better than our agent did.”
Erin Rohrer, Las Vegas, NV

I have finished reading your book and it was EXCELLENT!  I am very grateful I had the opportunity to even hear about it as I really had no idea what I was getting myself into and could have easily “thrown in the towel”.  Thanks again.”  Karen Payson

                                   Excellent reference book!
“I was clueless about how to proceed in selling my home myself, but your book has provided me with all of the information I need. It is an honest assessment of how to sell your own home and is easy to read in an organized format, which will make it easy for future reference.” Cindyintexas Frisco, TX

                Top Marks for an Excellent, well Researched book…
       “Seldom does one find in self-help books the kind of frank, insightful advice that one does in Michael Kloian’s book.
        Not only did I find the information accurate and reliable but also totally consistent with my experiences in real estate for over 20 years. But it is also an entertaining book, one written with a sense of humor and compassion by someone who has a genuine concern for the average homeowner with little experience.
        It is written without pretense and in a style that is eminently readable. I found particularly insightful and revealing many of the inside tips that only someone with the author’s long experience in working with both buyers and sellers could possibly know, and yet be willing to share.
        A cursory glance at the table of contents alone will illustrate to anyone the depth and breath of the author’s sweep of all the salient issues attendant to the task of selling or in fact even buying a home.
        I found nothing overlooked and must even say that the frank discussion of unforeseen problems was both important and necessary for the unwary homeowner to read.
        His advice on when and how to engage professionals in the process will save homeowners a great deal of money while at the same time provide them with the requisite tools to act responsibly and professionally in all their transactions.
        It is a pungent and strikingly honest book and one that deserves high praise.
        I heartily recommend the book to anyone interested in either buying or selling their own home. It was a pleasure to read and confirmed all that I myself have learned in my many years in the business.”    A reader in San Francisco.

“I very much enjoyed your book.  It really helps the nervous home seller walk through the process of selling one’s home.  I’m actually doing the leg work for a friend who works in Japan, so he bought the book for me.  My wife and I just went through the home buying process, and I actually wished I had your book before starting.  The book is beneficial for anybody involved in the real estate process.  Thank you!” Tim Jacobs – Ann Arbor, Michigan

 “I read your book. I found your book to be so informative because that is what made me decide to sell my own home.  It is very easy to understand the process of doing it yourself. I would recommend the book to anyone who is considering selling their home. Thanks again.” Monique (location unknown)

 “I finished your book over the weekend and it has given me the confidence that I can “Sell by Owner!”  What a bargain for the price.”      Thanks, Richard Robinson, TX

“We read your book; had a professional sign made; created our own “fact” sheet; put the sign out on a Saturday afternoon and SOLD the house the next day to a pre qualified buyer with a cash deposit. We paid no commissions and netted a profit greater than we had anticipated. Thanks for your book.”   Andy Stumpf , Aurora, CO

I’m almost through with reading your book.  It’s very helpful; I am selling by OWNER for the first time.  Your book has put me at ease about selling this way.   Marina Karagianis

                                Help in Selling Your Own Home, 
“I recently bought several books in preparation for selling our own home – otherwise known as “for sale by owner” or FSBO (pronounced “fizzbow”). While each book had some useful information, by far the most informative was written by a broker named Michael M. Kloian. This book gives insights into the marketing strategies used by realtors and has practical advice on handling most of the situations arising when dealing with potential home-buyers as well as realtors. The book is easy to understand, and has a detailed table of contents.”
       Reviewer: A reader from Oak Ridge, TN United States

Just finished reading your e book.  By far the most useful because of the plain talk and inside information about how to deal with specific issues.  David Penniman, TN

Thank you Michael for sharing your many years of real estate experience and knowledge with us homeowners. I really didn’t want to list my home and pay the proposed $15,500 in commission fees. We lowered the price of our home $5,000 and sold it in two weeks and still saved ten grand. Your book is fantastic.  
Sheela and Bob M., Las Vegas, NV

What to do, what you need to know and how to accomplish the whole thing can be rather overwhelming for us simple folks. Real estate can be intimidating. You managed to break it all down in an easy to understand format.  You build confidence and offer hope for those of us who know little or nothing about selling our own home.  I enjoyed your book. Thanks!
Janet R. Laguna Hills, CA

I have a home worth $600,000. This equates to $36,000 in commission and 22% of my equity. No way will I pay that amount to sell my home. Your book is a bargain and your information is priceless.      Fred B., Plymouth, MA   

All I can say is Sell It By Owner & Save II is truly a no hype book loaded with information and style. You definitely know what you are talking about.      Carolyn T. Baton Rouge, LA    CEO

 I am on page 50 of your book — well written and I can already tell it will be helpful. Thanks for your personal attention.
Aloysius F.  – Springfield, MA.,  MD (yes, doctors want to save commission too)

Thank you Michael. I enjoyed your book. Hope more people will have the courage to follow your guidance.
Leon W., Calabasis, CA

I read your book and it has been very helpful. You are to be commended for not allowing all of your “passion” for certain points in the book to be edited out (i.e. the list of things a potential buyer would not understand while he/she tours your home). Thanks, Aaron A. –  Wyoming, MI

I say this is the only tool you need to complete a sale in a professional manner.  Many people will not attempt to sell their own property because they think a Real Estate Agent needs to prepare the required documents.    Reta H. Canton, MI

I just finished reading your book this past week. I’d just like to say that after reading your book I have a lot of added confidence that I can and will complete the process of selling my home myself without having to dole out big bucks to anyone for something I know I can do. I felt your book was very detailed and comprehendible to a normal joe like me. 
Thanks! Jeff R. Dayton, Ohio

This is a “what every home-seller must know” book, not a “how to sell” guide.  And it doesn’t get better than this. Your book defies every reason to pay thousands of dollars in commission fees.  
Duncan S., Ann Arbor, MI   professor of science

This is the only reference manual we will keep for selling our home by owner, now and in the future. The rest is trash, and in the trash.     Bob & Lou P., Troy, MI

We bought your book. Although we didn’t sell our home, since we decided to wait a year or two before moving, we plan to keep your book with our important papers and refer to it again in the near future. Your book is very detailed. The forms are some of the best we’ve seen .    Charles & Mary B., Fremont, MI,  educators

I recently bought a by owner listed home. I believed, after reading your book, I could save half the commission. It worked. I purchased a home for $5,000 less than one just like it a block away, which was listed with an agency. The money went for appliances and new furniture. You should be promoting your book to home buyers as well as home sellers. Thanks for the education.     Davit H., MI (Thanks Davit for the suggestion.)

I found a competitor’s book through a search engine and compared the two. Fortunately he honored his money back guarantee and now I have $30 dollars in my pocket and the best how to sell by owner book on the market. Did I make out on this! What a deal!   Thank you. Beverly Willet, MI            

I quickly learned from your book that selling my home had little to do with “magic” or selling skills. I sell to the pharmaceutical industry. Nothing like selling your own home. You opened my eyes, helped me through the process, and saved me thousands of dollars in commissions. I am proud to own a copy of your book.     James Davenport, NJ,  regional sales manager

Michael, timing is everything.  We followed your advice, stuck with our marketing efforts consistently and eventually a qualified prospect came along, just as you said they would. Your new marketing ideas did the trick.  I never would have thought of that in a million years. Thanks for your help.  We appreciate finding your gem of a book through the Internet. What a bargain.
Dan and Theresa B., SD

I’ve always wanted to know everything there is to know about how to sell my own home for the mere satisfaction of doing so, and to beat the system as you described. The entire process took much longer than anticipated although I’m very pleased with the end result. Thanks to your book I now know how. Your real estate knowledge is unsurpassed.      Carl Bolton, NH

My wife was a licensed real estate person twenty years ago and dropped out of the business. I thought I could handle selling my home by-owner until I was bombarded by agents. Thanks to your book I learned how to deal with them and get them off my back. Peace at last!      Al and Nancy Petersen, IN  

You put it right out there. Thanks for not beating around the bush. Now I don’t feel like the blind leading the blind. Our home is for sale by owner for the second time and this time we will succeed, now that we know how. 
Jim and Janice Simanski, MI

Finally, someone who knows what they’re talking about without the mumbo-jumbo (and hype) you usually find. I read your book twice and I get it.  Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. You made the by-owner selling process very simple to follow and easy to understand.     Kenyon Boyle, ILL

I bought your book on line. I read all the material then listed my home by owner. I advertised my home just as you suggested. I found a buyer and we split the commission. The buyer used half of the commission to help cover closing costs just as you described. He is happy and I am happy. I saved $2,400 in commission. There are many things I can do with that much money, thanks to your book.   Thelma Jones,  Detroit, MI  

Selling my home by owner was easier than I expected. Everything went smoothly thanks to your insight and guidance. Your examples helped tremendously. I did use an attorney though to write the offer and close the deal.     Melissa S., ILL  

This is a “what every home-seller must know” book, not a “how to sell” guide.  And it doesn’t get better than this. Your book defies every reason to pay thousands of dollars in commission fees.    Duncan S., Ann Arbor, MI   professor of science

This is the only reference manual we will keep for selling our home by owner, now and in the future. The rest is trash, and in the trash.    Bob & Lou P., Troy, MI

Where has this information been hiding?  I was very lucky to find this over the Net. We bought two others but yours is the best. Thank you, thank you Michael for writing this easy to understand and very thorough instructional.  We plan to sell our home by owner and succeed, no matter what.     Janet K, MN

I am a by owner sold statistic.  Wanted you to know.  I will admit, it wasn’t easy but I did it thanks to you and your amazing book.   Nicholas V., MI

Your book is complete, very helpful and full of information. We like that. Compared to one other book we purchased through the Internet for $39.95 your book is a steal. Thanks for the information. We now have the confidence and the best information on the market to sell our home ourselves. Lucky us!   Mickael & Marla Z., OH

After reading your first chapter we almost changed our mind and came very close to listing our home. We then studied the balance of your book and felt we should give it a try just for kicks. We had two buyers, two offers, took the highest bid and sold our home. The example in your book helped us through that ordeal. Our buyer tried to get us to pay their closing costs just like you discussed. Thanks to your book we appeared very knowledgeable to our buyer. They were impressed and trusted us to draft the sales agreement and hold their deposit. We never could have done this without you.  Wooster & Char F., MA

We sold our home with your help. You saved us thousands of dollars. We are in your debt. Stosh & Emily Wosniak, MI

I am a do it yourself person. I’ve always believed we can learn to do just about anything if we took the time and had a good teacher.  My home is sold and closed. We saved $16,000 in commission. We moved and bought a home from a by-owner and saved another $5,000, thanks to your book. We plan to travel using our saved commissions. Thank you professor Michael. Randall & Charlotte F., GA