In an effort to introduce (and encourage you to purchase) “Sell It By Owner and Save II”, the AUTHOR is offering  TEN HOT TIPS absolutely free with no obligation to do anything.  WHY? Because we want to see more and more people succeed at selling by owner and we firmly believe you will enjoy and learn much from SIBOAS.

1) Selling your home by owner is not a complicated process. Establishing ‘market value’ is most important for success.

2) Real estate is not difficult to understand. Learn the basics: market and show your home; deal with prospects; allow the lender to qualify the buyer; let the title insurance company or attorney handle the rest.

3) The paperwork – learn to do it yourself contracts and forms. “Sell It By Owner and Save II” guides you step by step.

4) Selling by owner offers more flexibility. The opportunity to sell by owner is excellent in any type of real estate market (i.e. seller’s market – buyer’s market).

5) Selling by owner puts you in control of price and any positive or negative situation that may arise.

6) Need to sell fast? Lower your price 1/2 the amount of the agent’s commission and advertise that amount in terms of dollars saved for the buyer.

7) After your first successful sale you will always choose to sell by owner and continue to save thousands of dollars.

8) Selling by owner is as serious a commitment as listing your home with an agent. Learn the ins and outs and do’s and don’ts from the best source, “Sell It By Owner and Save II”.

9) Avoid being persuaded into listing your home because of fast talking agents who may present myths and half truths. Their intent is to drive fear inside you.

10) Deal honestly and fairly with your buyer. Remember the golden rule; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”