Live Help From the Author

There may be a time or two during your by owner selling experience you may be perplexed about something, like the Sales Contract or a good faith deposit issue, and don’t know who to turn to for help, or you need to receive solid answers to your questions–certainly not from your neighbor. Using an attorney is fine except it will cost a whole lot more. You can count on the author, Michael M Kloian, for help. 

Just revisit this web site, bookmark this page, and when you are ready simply click on the Buy Now PayPal link below, pay the $50 fee, good for up to 30 minutes of live questions you can ask and receive live conversation/answers with the foremost authority on real estate in the USA, and Michael (not a third party) will personally call you upon receiving notification from PayPal.

If you think you’ll need an additional 30 minutes, or more, then use the ADD to CART option and drop down menu to select as many 30 minute consultations as needed, now or in the near future. 

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