To obtain your FREE FORMS, you must follow the printed instructions on the very last page of Sell It By Owner and Save II. Expect to find  2 separate PDF files containing the Sales Contract and all 9 forms in an email within 24 hours of your request. 


  • Sales Contract  (a well crafted, easy to read and easy to understand 7 page legal document, 8 ½ x 11) shipped to your e-mail address separately from the following 9 forms).
  • Sellers Disclosure Statement (a 3 page complete disclosure statement including more items than the average disclosure. One of the best offered anywhere).
  • Escrow/Good Faith Deposit form (this will stipulate how much the buyer will be placing on deposit, with whom, where the money will be held, and how the money will be returned or credited to the buyer at the closing. This agreement also protects the by-owner Seller from having to refund to the Buyer any deposit money before the good faith deposit check clears the Buyer’s bank account). 
  • HUD Lead Based Paint Disclosure Statement (necessary for all pre 1978 homes).
  • Addendum to the Sales Contract (used for any add-on language in the event there is no room on the Sales Contract or additional State specific language needs to be included).
  • Amendment to the Sales Contract (this is used to change or amend any of the terms and/or conditions of the original Contract and must be signed by all).
  • Bill of Sale (to list those personal items being sold to your buyer or staying with the home, if included with the sale).
  • Commission Agreement form (this document will guarantee any agent and their respective brokerage firm a pre-defined commission in the event the by-owner seller chooses to work with an agent on a limited basis as discussed in the book).
  • Affidavit Regarding Closing (this form is to be signed at the closing for Buyer and Seller to acknowledge the sale has been closed according to the terms of the Sales Contract and Addendums, if used).
  • Buyer/Seller Mutual Release form (this document is necessary to dissolve or nullify the Sales Contract between buyer and seller, in the event the buyer was not able to consummate the transaction, so the Seller may begin to re-market and re-sell their home and the buyer can go about their business). 

Forms Disclaimer: Although these forms are being used by many people in various states some of these forms may not be suitable in your specific state. You may need to have an attorney review these forms and especially the Sales Contract before using the Sales Contract.