Introduction by How 2 LLC  and the Author…

This book is titled “Money In Your Pocket” because after reading this in-depth reference book for buying or selling real estate, with or without a real estate agent, you will put money in your pocket. And not from any get-rich-quick scheme. The bottom line, when buying or selling real estate, is to get the best deal possible and save as much money over the long haul as possible. The real key is to know when and how this may be accomplished. There are too many obstacles and pitfalls that can interfere with this simple goal, and this book will teach you how to hurdle over many of those obstacles. Knowing what to do, and how to negotiate according to your individual circumstance, no matter where you live, will help you through a myriad of what-ifs and what-not to-do issues. This will increase your bottom line.

The most upsetting part of any real estate transaction is to spend time (or wait) for the process to run its course only to find out that the deal is ‘dead’. A dead deal will cost the buyer or seller more money than just out of pocket. “MIYP” is all about saving money whenever you buy or sell, and saving your real estate deal from falling apart, which, as you will discover in this book, will put ‘money in your pocket’. If your deal doesn’t get to the closing table, then there is no money in your pocket. Therefore, you lose.   

“MIYP” is dedicated to educating and assisting buyers or sellers of real property, whether you offer your property for sale by-owner, use the services of an owner’s helper brokerage firm, or in the event you list your property with an agency. This book also explores many real estate related horror stories, I base all of which on true stories presented to the author first hand from customer and client experiences.

Reading this book will enhance a buyer or seller’s knowledge of real estate, because you will be one or the other. When you sell a home, you may turn around and buy a home, thus you are the seller and a buyer. You will learn many things you never thought were necessary or possible to know. In the past, you may have taken a back seat in your real estate transaction and felt it was best to leave it to the professionals. After reading this book you will be better equipped to get involved if you choose to do so. 

“MIYP” will caution you about certain pitfalls and will guide you, by example, with real experiences, so you can avoid making the same mistakes hundreds, or thousands, of other people have made, if you’re willing to learn. The adage, “we learn from our mistakes” doesn’t have to be for a real estate transaction. “MIYP” offers a divergence of negotiation tips and dozens of suggestions to accomplish saving a pile of the green stuff. 

As you apply the many principles that lie within you will realize the key to saving more money throughout your lifetime lies within you; not derived from your talent or your ability to memorize the many nuggets buried within these pages. This has nothing to do with salesmanship and more to do with applying common sense. Whatever you glean from this book you will keep for life though you may not use all of these gems right away.

Join me as we explore the many wonders of, “Money In Your Pocket”.


Michael M. Kloian