How To LLC, proudly presents, Sell It By Owner and Save II. The most comprehensive and effective how to book ever written on the subject of selling by owner without a real estate agent.

Revised and re-written in 2018 by the author of Sell It By Owner and Save to reflect changes in the real estate market-post 2008. 

“Kloian is simply very honest: He is clear and helpful, and this thoroughly knowledgeable book makes selling by-owner very possible–an outstanding guide to the know-how that can, step-by-step, lead to a successful sale.” 

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“Sell It By Owner and Save is a practical, straightforward guide to selling a home without a broker. Accessibly written by a professional broker in down-to-earth, layman’s language, Sell It By Owner & Save II covers each step of the sale in clear detail. Sell It By Owner & Save II is a superbly presented “how to” primer for anyone who is considering selling their home, whether they want to enlist the aid of a broker or not!”


“This how-to guide to selling your own home is fairly inclusive of the many concerns owners may have about the process. It includes the essentials in layman’s terms and explains the process step-by-step. The author makes a good case that a home may be sold without the assistance of a Realtor. This should be read by anyone contemplating selling his home as a viable alternative to using a real estate agency. We rated it three hearts. “

Heartland Reviews
Leavenworth, KS